Blockchain, the new standard for issuing digital credentials

Blockchain technology is here to stay. More and more sectors are implementing it and in education it could not be different. It allows to automate and improve the processes of issuing diplomas, student management and eliminates fraud in degrees and diplomas as well as plagiarism in documents or changes in grades.

This technology allows students at the center to personally manage their data, share certificates on their networks, manage economic transactions such as enrollment, and thanks to blockchain these processes can be carried out in a completely secure manner.

On the other hand, the blockchain establishes a new standard for issuing and certifying documents and titles. Ensuring the veracity of all issuances and evaluations that the student gets.

Implementing blockchain in your training is crucial to be able to adapt to the new needs and demands of students and the market.

Benefits for the center

The certificates you issue are completely immutable, unforgeable and verifiable. These features make blockchain an ideal way to certify both official documents and any type of academic qualification.

Blockchain solutions for schools can now be integrated with your LMS to automate the process of issuing credentials and degrees, allowing you to save costs in the process and significantly reduce paper issuance. Your issuances will be received by the student in his own Digital Wallet from where he will have access to all his certificates whenever and wherever he wants.

Thanks to the immutability of the blockchain, it becomes completely impossible to modify documents without approval, it allows to have absolute control over plagiarism and copies of papers and publications.

As a center, it allows you to add value to your training, create educational itineraries recognizing each part passed by the student with a badge, design innovative strategies to motivate your students, or even get your students to share your certificates in their networks and become part of your communication and promotion.

Student benefits

With blockchain, the qualifications you issue have more strength, as they are completely impossible to falsify, your students will know that there is no fraud in the emissions. Giving value to your training and therefore to your training center.

By giving out badges throughout the training course, it is very easy for your students to certify that they have mastered the different aspects and skills taught throughout the course. These badges, by certifying specific skills, will help them to find a job and will give visibility to you as a center.

In short, by implementing blockchain in your courses you can motivate students by rewarding them when they pass the different stages of the training, give veracity to your degrees and diplomas, increase your visibility and empower your students by helping them to enter the labor market.

This type of technology will undoubtedly change the standards for issuing diplomas and official documents as we know them today. In a natural way, blockchain solves most of the problems that traditional issuance used to generate.

Therefore it is key for training centers to implement this type of technology as soon as possible and begin to differentiate themselves from the rest and add value to their training.