Building loyalty among your best employees

It is important to take care of the reputation of the companies and generate a positive and pleasant environment to work in, this will improve the attraction and retention of talent. We are in an increasingly competitive environment, so it is important to retain your best employees.

We all know the traditional branding, focused on customers and improving their conception of the company. But we find that the importance of Employer Branding is increasing, this is focused on the company’s employees themselves.

Employer branding, what is it?

Companies always need to improve their workforces and be able to count on the best professionals, and these potential workers increasingly have more tools to know the inner workings and relationships of any company and, therefore, choose where they are interested in working.

Employer Branding is to value the brand of your company as an employee. Increasingly, the company’s image is becoming more and more important not only for customers but also for employees who pass it on to potential customers and candidates.

Normally we would think that a concept like this would only apply to large multinationals with huge human resources budgets, but the reality is that it is important for any company to take care of the image of its employees, retain talent and improve its candidates.

Employer Branding in your company

There are several ways to foster this perception of the employee, depending on your company, sector and resources you can target employer branding in different ways.

One option is to create a reward system for your employees. Offer rewards for personal effort, in a clear, understandable and equitable way for all employees. It must always be oriented to meet the real expectations of employees.

On the other hand, the generation of branded content aimed at the employees themselves can give a big boost to the company’s reputation as a place to work. The internal audience is one of the most reliable prescribers and if you manage to create content that employees spread, you will be able to see the benefits in the very short term.

Another way would be to take care of the candidate’s experience, taking into account all the points of contact between them and the company, regardless of whether they join or not. In this way the candidates will have a positive opinion of the company and will speak well and leave good evaluations, favoring Employer Branding.

Once you have chosen your strategy, it is essential to measure. Determine measurement mechanisms, with kpis to know how your strategy affects the branding of your company.

Employer Branding con Certtun

As we have already seen there are many ways to improve the image of your workers, from Certtun we propose you to value your training with the creation of badges or digital badges.

In any company of any sector all kinds of training are done, from food handling to machinery licenses or protocols. They are usually trainings that once they are done are not valued and, in many cases, either a diploma is not issued or the worker does not give it any importance.

With Certtun you can certify all these trainings that you propose in your company with blockchain technology, create different badges or digital badges that your workers can save in a digital wallet and never lose them.

On the other hand, the employee can share these badges or certificates on their social networks and highlight the value of the training they have been able to take in the company.

Taking care of your employees is not only to retain them, but you can also take advantage of your internal actions to positively impact the branding of your company. If you are able to design a good strategy in this regard, the workers themselves can do the branding through networks by sharing and creating your content.