Certtun, the best ally to guarantee the veracity of educational degrees

The renowned newspaper El Economista has focused on Certtun, the Blockchain solution created by Vottun, to fight against fraud and counterfeiting of diplomas and certificates in the educational field, as well as professional experience in the workplace.

Following the rise of these fraudulent practices, prejudices and mistrust are also growing. Blockchain technology is the best ally because it prevents any data recorded in it from being modified or deleted. In addition, traceability and data encryption make it possible to prove 100% that the information is true.

In Certtun’s platform, certifications are made through digital credentials that are registered in the Blockchain, associated to each student or employee, and become unforgeable.

Why is Certtun the best choice?

  • Simple operation. Certtun adapts to the center and does not modify its operation.
  • Infinite options. Smart Contracts add functionalities, such as setting an expiration date.
  • Pay-per-use. If no certificates are issued, there is no charge. The more you use it, the cheaper it is.

Certtun, which is among the top 5 solutions in the world for the issuance of educational digital credentials, is already being used by organizations around the world, such as The World Bank, ITBA Argentina, EADA Business School, BCN Activa or W Startup C with excellent results and for very different purposes ranging from the creation of certificates to the motivation of their employees by issuing badges or awards.

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