Gamification Using Certtun

Gamification is a learning technique that transfers the mechanisms of games to the educational and professional environment in order to achieve better results, either to learn better some knowledge, improve a skill or reward specific actions. The gamification theory also seeks to use recognition (awards) as a motivational method to increase student or associates involvement in training.

These new educational methods manage to motivate the learner and achieve greater commitment on their part. For this purpose, a series of mechanical techniques extrapolated to the games are used, such as the following: Accumulation of points, Escalation of levels, Obtaining prizes, Gifts, Classifications, Challenges, Missions or challenges among others.

The aim is to achieve three objectives: firstly, loyalty with the learner, secondly, motivation and involvement, and finally, rewarding the learner with recognition.

But what does have to do the Gamification with Certtun?

Well, the relationship could not be more direct. One of the fundamental pillars of gamification of training is the creation of educational pathways and the recognition of skills. Therefore, if certain achievements are surpassed, recognition will be given. In this way, the learner will be more motivated and involved.

Thanks to Certtun’s badging system, it is possible to create milestones which, once they have been achieved, the student can be awarded with a recognitions. Even, as they can be linked to each other, once all the achievements have been passed, a certificate of completion can be awarded. And since Certtun can be integrated with various digital tools for training, including Moodle, WordPress, Canvas, Zapier and other LMS, it is super easy to make the student receive the certificate after passing a test automatically, quickly and on their own mobile device.

In this way we manage to increase their involvement and motivation during their training, since their skills are recognized more constantly.

There are several benefits of gamification, it is clear that this technique is becoming increasingly useful in the educational field as it develops various technological or social and behavioral skills, and thanks to Certtun, the whole part of recognition is more than guaranteed.