Reward and empower your students

We are in a time of change for the education sector, we find ourselves with more and more competition, differentiating ourselves from other training centers is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge.

From Certtun we want to highlight the importance of encouraging your own students to share your training, qualifications and experiences. This can be an important point to convince future students to choose your center.

Design your training with the student in mind, a good way is to reward students for their achievements during the courses. For example, each time a student completes a part of a course you can give him/her a recognition.

This recognition is essential that it has significance for the student, a recognition of a skill or aptitude, a certificate that they have passed an important part of the training or simply a relevant work in a particular area.

If your students feel rewarded and these awards are issued in a format that can be shared on social networks, they will proudly share them on their profiles. In this way, your students’ followers will be able to see how your center makes them grow, empowers them and gives them the tools to enter the working world.

Educational Itineraries and Digital Badges

A good way to structure your training courses so that the student feels rewarded and recognized is by means of educational itineraries.

If you structure your trainings in itineraries, where at the end of each itinerary (when a subject, or truncated part, is finished) you reward your students with a recognition, for example, a digital badge that certifies that this student has passed a specific part of the course and has mastered a certain skill.

Once the student gets all the badges that structure the training, he/she is awarded a diploma that certifies that he/she has passed the training.

With this method your students will be able to share all the badges as they earn them. You can also have these badges integrated into digital CVs such as LinkedIn and everyone will be able to see your colors and branding.

Digital credential platforms

In this sense, digital credential platforms play a key role to support educational centers in this goal of differentiation. Digital badges are one of the best tools to structure your courses in educational itineraries or even gamify them.

They allow you to design your own badges to reward students, your own digital diplomas at the end of the training and even your own digital wallet, from where your students can save and access their badges and diplomas whenever and wherever they want.

Don’t get left behind, encourage your students to talk about you, your students can be your best ambassadors.