The Barcelona Activa It Academy Case

Today we would like to introduce you to the IT Academy, a free specialized IT training program created by Barcelona Activa with the aim of training the qualified profiles most sought after by companies in Barcelona. This training in development (back-end, front-end and Android Mobile) and intensive courses in data analysis (big data), use a personalized learning method and an expert mentoring service that accompanies participants throughout the process.

Once the training is completed and the required knowledge is acquired, Barcelona Activa facilitates access to job search processes to all participants of these programs in order to facilitate the process of changing professional sector.

IT Academy is aimed at all those people who want to retrain or find a job in one of the most promising and better paid ICT sectors.

It was in 2020 when IT Academy decided to use Vottun’s Blockchain certificate issuing technology (Certtun). Since the degrees offered by Active Barcelona are not official, they needed a new way to validate the knowledge and skills of all the people who are trained with them.

After using the Certtun solution for a while, while they had seen a better way to recognize their students and an increase in their motivation by being recognized, Barcelona Activa still had a problem. The high dropout rate of the courses. That’s why they bet on using a new functionality of Certtun.  They created new and different educational itineraries in order to gamify their training, giving badges as their students achieved different milestones during their training. Thanks to this initiative, they were able to significantly reduce the dropout rate of their students.

The cooperation between Certtun and Barcelona Activa has always been very close. So now they have taken a step further towards the automation of their processes by being the first Certtun customers to use a Moodle plug in to issue their certificates automatically when students finish their online training.

Below is a video of Sara Diaz, director of the IT Academy, explaining her experience with Certtun