Motivate your Employees

Certtun gives you the possibility to create badges for your employees with which you can motivate them and reward them for a job well done.
Digital badges can ensure that your employees knowledge has an impact and that your employees feel that their skills are recognized and can help them improve in their careers.

Attract talent and knowledge

Reward your employees with secure and unforgeable digital credentials. Make it easy for them to share their success on the social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook.
Use your employees’ successes as a digital marketing tool to raise your company’s profile and attract new talent through your best ambassadors: your employees.

Promote your values within the company

Take advantage of the joy and enthusiasm generated by receiving recognition, giving visibility to the entire organisation.
The joy of shared recognition generates high engagement from the recipient and their environment. Many users congratulate the employee, increasing their satisfaction for the achievement received and many feel inspired by seeing a close reference.

100% Secure verification

Blockchain certificates are synonymous with veracity and transparency. The use of this technology avoids the problems of false certificates.
This 100% secure verification provides trust and direct visibility of your centre, as well as facilitating administrative tasks and certificate verification. HR or admissions departments will be able to verify the certificates you have issued reliably and easily by simply scanning a QR code. 

Digital Wallet

All certificates issued are received by the employee in their digital Wallet, personalised with your brand.
This wallet is a private and secure environment for each employee. From there, they control their certificates and can share them with whomever they wish via email, social media, websites…

Integration with LMS

The tool’s ease of use and automation, either with Excel files (CSV) or through integration with your management systems via APIs or PlugIns, helps you to save time and effort.

Repository of Students

And if you wish, with Certtun, you can have on your internal website and at no additional cost a directory where your employees can have a profile and show internally their knowledge, skills and training.
It offers your employees the option to provide rich, verifiable and secure information about their skills.

Personalized support

With blockchain technology, we guarantee maximum security and veracity.
We follow the Open Badge 2.0 standard and comply with the GDPR, and the platform is recognised as a trusted e-services provider.
We are at your disposal for personalised support from our experts at any time.

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