Customizable Certificates and Badges

We can digitize your existing certificates or you can use our design tool to create your badges and certificates and customize them with your logo and your own design.

Digital Wallet

All certificates issued are received by the student in their digital Wallet, personalised with your brand.
This wallet is a private and secure environment for each student. From there, the student controls its certificates and can share them with whomever they wish via email, social media, websites…

You can have your own App

Certtun offers you an app where students can access directly to their Wallet. With this quick and easy way, they can access their certificates and badges from their Smartphone.
You can also integrate the app with your school’s own systems and applications.

Increase your visibility

Certtun makes it easy for your students to share their certificate or badge achievements on social media or with anyone else.
Every time your certificates are shared, your brand will be seen.

Create educational pathways

This tool gives you the possibility to create badges for your students. This way you can motivate them, reward them and involve them in their formation.
You can create educational or professional pathways where these badges are awarded throughout the training, until the students receive their final certificate.

Real time tracking with metrics

The metrics and indicators dashboard allows you to easily track the certificates issued in real time. You will be able to see how many certificates or badges have been created, issued, how many students have seen them and even how many have shared them.

Integration with System / Apis

Certtun offers solutions for the integration of our platform with your information systems or LMS. Thanks to the use of APIs it is possible to automate the issuing processes from other systems. We also have plugins for LMS such as Moodle, Cavas, Zapier and WordPress. 

Personalized support

We are at your disposal for personalized support from our experts at any time. We offer:

  • Account customization
  • Hands-on training
  • Marketing education and resources
  • Full onboarding guidance
  • Ticket system for personalized support and assistance
  • Extensive help documentation
  • Guidance on use and exploitation of the tool

Smart Contracts

The blockchain allows you to control and manage your certificates like never before. You can set or control “expire dates” so the certificates automatically become inactive via smart contracts when the specified date arrives.

Interoperable protocol

There are currently hundreds of public and private blockchains but they are independent of each other as they are unable to exchange value or information with each other. The Vottun “blockchain agnostic” protocol allows organisations to eliminate the risk of having to choose a blockchain for their projects. At any time you can transfer your data from one blockchain to another with a simple click.

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