How does it work?

Our system is very simple and easy to use

1 – Create your certificates or medals

Certtun is a very easy and intuitive tool.

With only 3 steps: create, register and issue, you can issue any of the certificates that are relevant for the future of your students.

2 – Add Users

Register the users to whom you are going to deliver the certificates. It is very simple and you can do it directly one by one or through Excel files (CSV) or it can even be fully automated using our APIs or PlugIn.

3 – Issue it

Once the certificates have been created and the students have been added, simply indicate which user receives the certificate and the issuance and registration in the blockchain is done automatically.

From the student point of view

1 – The Student recieves a notification

The student receive an email notification with the login details for your new digital wallet.

2 – The Student access the Wallet

The student access its digital wallet where it can store, manage and view its achievements and certificates, as well as manage their personal data.

3 – The Student share its Credentials

Certtun offers users a multitude of options to download and share achievements on LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter.

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