Why Certtun?

Simple to use

Certtun is a very easy and intuitive tool.

With only 3 steps: create, register and issue, you can issue any of the certificates that are relevant for the future of your students.

Engage your Students

Help your students to prove they are worth to the world with reliable digital certificates that demonstrate their skills.

They can easily share it on their social media, giving greater visibility to your university or training center.

Prevent fraud with blockchain

Blockchain certificates are synonymous with veracity and transparency. This technology avoids the problems of false certificates.

White label

The Certtun platform is fully customisable in design and content structure.
It is not only integrable with your LMS and information systems. We can also integrate your own App so that students can access their wallet from there.

Increase your visibility

Certtun makes it easy for your students to share their certificate or badge on social media or with anyone else.

Every time your certificates are shared, your brand will be seen.

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