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Digital Wallet

All certificates issued are received by the student in their digital Wallet, personalised with your brand.

This wallet is a private and secure environment for each student. From there, the student controls their certificates and can share them with whomever they wish via email, social networks, websites…

The Joy Of Sharing Achievements

The recognition of skills and knowledge is one of the most important moments in a training process.

Help your students to prove they are  worth to the world with reliable digital certificates and badges that verify their skills.

With Certtun, they can easily share it on their social media, giving greater visibility to your university or training center.

100% Secure Certificates

Blockchain certificates are synonymous with veracity and transparency. The use of this technology avoids the problems of false certificates.

This 100% secure verification provides trust and direct visibility of the issuing centre, as well as facilitating administrative tasks and certificate verification. HR or admissions departments will be able to verify the certificates you have issued reliably and easily by simply scanning a QR code.

Automate Your Issuance Process

We offer many solutions for the integration with your information systems. We also have plugins for LMS such as Moodle, Canvas, Zapier and WordPress.

Much More Than a PDF

With Certtun, you issue much more than a PDF. Our certificates can include relevant information of the formation or training program. 

We follow the OpenBadge 2.0 international standard that requires in each certificate to include:

  • The “description” of the competences acquired: syllabus, methodology, etc.
  • The “criteria” of the student’s evaluation.

And for each individual student can be included the “Testimonials” of the student where you can add final grades, comments, mentions, etc…

The perfect certificate solution for training providers, companies and associations

They already trust us

“The BCN Activa team think that the easy use of the platform, as well as the easy integration with systems such as Moodle, make Certtun the ideal blockchain digital certificate issuance tool.”
Sara Díaz
BCN Activa
“The design of the platform and the ease of use make Certtun the ideal tool for issuing certificates. We would also like to highlight the excellent service provided by the support team”.
Ana Bernardo
EADA Business School
“Certtun is our partner of reference and trust to share our values and purpose, reduce the digital gap, as also to trace and give visibility to our volunteers by giving them a token to keep in their wallet.”
Teresa Alarcos
W Startup C


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